Indie Teachers
Handpicked tutorials from independent teachers

What is Indie Teachers?

Indie Teachers is a platform for makers and developers to learn how to build the future and master their skills. There are so many great teachers out there sharing their knowledge. Indie Teachers tries to give them a home and create a platform with the best tutorials for makers and developers. It is also a community for makers to help each other, share experiences and knowledge on how to build stuff.

Who is behind Indie Teachers?

Indie Teachers is a project. In the last years I taught myself how to code with the goal to launch my own little "start ups". Here are some projects I built:





With every idea I had, I needed to learn new things and improve my skills. It took me always a lot of time to find good tutorials and I felt that it would be awesome to have a platform for makers and developers to share their skills, ideas, and tutorials.

How does Indie Teachers make money?

I am experimenting with different ways to monetize the platform. To see the progress you can read the blog. Basically the monetization is based on sponsorships, advertisement and affiliate links.

Where do the tutorials come from?

The tutorials on the site are all handpicked. I watched most of them to learn stuff I needed to know. I also need your help to find the best tutorials. So feel free to suggest good courses and tutorials.

How do I submit a tutorial?

To submit or suggest a tutorial please go to our form and give us some information about the course.

How to get in touch with you?

The best way is to contact me on Twitter . You can also get in contact with me by writing an Email.