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No problem, just get in contact with us and we can discuss your indiviual needs. Please note we only offer a 1-month minimum per campaign. What do we do with your money? Read more in our Manifesto.


With Indie Teachers I want to split the revenue I will make. From the beginning on I want to spend 33% of my revenue to elected educational projects. I was impressed by different people talking about effective altruism and I have try to adopt the idea with Indie Teachers.

I don't want to take it as a dogma and I am still experimenting with this idea, but it is very important for me that Indie Teachers is a platform with a vision not only focusing on how to make as much money as possible for me.

More about effective altruism:

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I will try to be fully transparent with Indie Teachers. Every month I'll give an overview of my revenue and how the money has been allocated to each organization. I will also take you with me on the process of building up a start up by writing and sharing articles about different topics.
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