The Indie Teachers Logbook

- From idea to launch -

June 10th, 2017

This is the first post in the Logbook. In the last years I have experimented with different ideas, taught myself to code and built different projects. On this journey I learned a lot from tutorials and articles made by independent teachers sharing their skills with others. Although there are several big platforms to learn stuff, I always had the feeling that there is a need of a platform with tutorials from independent teachers where makers can improve their skills, ask questions and learn how to build stuff.


So the idea was born to build a platform for makers and developers to learn how to build the future and master their skills. There are so many great teachers out there sharing their knowledge. Indie Teachers tries to give them a home and create a platform with the best tutorials for makers and developers. I spent one month (May) to build up a MVP and launched it on June 12th. In an upcoming post I am going to write about the tech stack behind the platform. In the mean time I wish you a HAPPY LEARNING.

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